Use cases Upskilling/reskilling


  • The company

Orange is a French telecommunications company with a worldwide presence, nearly 150 000 employees and more than 260 million customers.

  • The mission

Learn Assembly launched a self-assessment survey for more than 1000 employees as part of a reskilling campaign for customer relationship managers. The future managers came from different business lines within Orange.

  • The goals
Phase #1 (before the learning program):
  • Analyze the learners’ maturity according to a skill set
  • Make them choose how to develop their skills and customize the learning programs
  • Identify skill gaps
  • Help the employees realize how their job is transforming and how important is self-learning to evolve towards their new responsibilities
Phase 2 (after the learning program)
  • Measure the learners’ progress
  • Assess the application of the acquired skills in work situations
  • Adapt the learning program based on observed results
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