Use cases

Skill Assessment (Barometer)

Your company is undergoing a transformation process and you need to know where your teams are at regarding key skills?

Learning Boost helps you analyze at any given time the maturity level of your team members on objective data. Indeed, no subjective opinion polls with Learning Boost. Our methodology analyzes observable behaviors.
Learning Boost then becomes a decision support tool.

Benefits for the company:

  • Have an overview to see how to adapt the skill development strategy

Benefits for the employees

  • Know their level in terms of practices and skills
  • Identify how they would like to grow and trigger awareness regarding the need to develop them thanks to an action plan and resources

Measure the Learning Programs’ Impact

With Learning Boost, measure the impact of skill development plans and learning programs by:

Sending a first survey before starting the learning program, to assess the learners’ level.
Sending a second survey a few month after the program ended to assess the team members’ progress and their ability to practice their newly acquired skills at work.

Benefits for the company

  • Measure the learning programs’ impact
  • Adapt the programs to the teams’ real needs
  • Identify the main skills needing to be developed
  • Optimize the investment in learning programs

Benefits for the employees

  • Take a customized learning program
  • Be directed to the right programs for the right skills
  • Develop self-learning reflexes